The Woman In the Wilderness


"This is the novel I wish I had written."

—Mark Stavish, Director of Studies for the Institute for Hermetic Studies

“Like Dan Brown’s recent blockbuster, The DaVinci Code, the question of fact or fiction only adds to the enjoyment of this studious page-turner. Scott has written a rare book in this category -- a spiritual adventure story that is actually exciting to read.”


”If you do not read another book this season, read this one! Then give copies to your friends.”

—Innerchange Magazine

“This is perhaps the most timeless novel that I have read in recent memory. The story of Johannes Kelpius deserves to be rescued from the historical oblivion in which it has fallen for 300 years, and this powerful novel is a perfect vehicle. With excellent writing and a remarkable story, The Woman in the Wilderness should be a future classic of literary fiction.”


“Not since The Celestine Prophesy has an author so skillfully combined history with myth-making to produce a masterpiece of mystical insight.”

— John K. Simmons, Professor of Religious Studies, Western Illinois University, creator of PBS teleclass Beliefs and Believers

“A richly textured story that reveals the author's love of a specific place steeped in mystery as well as the universal spirituality and humanity that binds his characters down through the generations...a Pennsylvania German Da Vinci Code.

— Max Kade Institute for German American Studies Newsletter Spring 2006