The Ordinary Adventurer:



"This is, by far, the best book I have read of anyone's Long Trail hike. You feel Jan's anticipation and first doubts, share her highs and lows as she backpacks, and celebrate her finish. If you have an interest in hiking, in particular the Long Trail, this is the book for you."
- Smith Edwards, "The Old RidgeRunner," columnist, 25-year trail maintainer, Honorary Life Member of the Green Mountain Club

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"I have dreamed of long distance hiking but probably will never do it. This account may be as close as I will ever get. The narative is by turns moving, interesting, entertaining and informative. Those who have walked long distances in the wilderness will enjoy this book. Those who have not may be inspired to try it."
- Jonathan Addleton, author of Some Far and Distant Place

"Jan's in-depth look at daily life on the trail is as close as you can get to to actually walking the trail.
Anyone with a hint of wanderlust in their soul should read this book."
- Daniel Rogers, author of America One Step At A Time

"Jan writes about her trek through Vermont in an style that is upbeat, colorful and engaging. Read this lively account and be swept along the Long Trail. This is as close as it comes to hiking it yourself."
- David Miller, author of AWOL on the Appalachian Trail