The Ordinary Adventurer:

About Vermont's Long Trail


The Long Trail stretches from the Massachusetts state line all the way up the Green Mountain spine to the Canadian border. A thru-hike of the entire trail is called an "End-to-End" and each year only a small number of hikers achieve it.


  • A 270-mile long footpath maintained by Green Mountain Club (GMC)
  • Nearly 70 shelters, 8-10 miles apart generally
  • Stretches from the Massachusetts state line to Canadian Border 
  • GMC awards "End-to-Enders" a patch after review of their application; the form can be printed off the GMC website (below).
  • Trail Marking are white blazes, same as the A.T., side trails blue-blazed with signs
  • Southern end starts at MA/VT state line – atop a mountain. Must walk there.
         Take either AT from Rt 2/North Adams (longer) or Pine Cobble Trail (steeper) to start.
         Watch out for car vandalism if leaving your car!
  • Northern end: Accessed Via Journey’s End Trail. No more Greyhound at North Troy, VT.
  • Rose Apple Acres Farm B and B (802)988-4300 back to Burlington or Steve Merrill (802)988-2958; call for rates
  • NOBO? Easier in the south, first 100 miles co-joined with App. Trail; slowly gets more difficult, plenty of other hikers, resupply easier early on, after Maine Junction trail gets rougher, slower-going, dramatic second half.
  • SOBO? Northern part rocky and steep. More isolation and difficult stuff early on while knees fresh, can move fast at southern end to finish
  • Timing – due to mud/erosion, GMC discourages hiking before Memorial Day; high elevation (Mansfield/Camel’s Hump) portions closed. Check website for annual start date. Black flies bad into June, storms after early October.
  • 25-28 days typical, though with hard schedule and good knees 18-21 possible
  • Weather: Expect anything, and check GMC website before leaving; website also offers up-to-date info on trail re-locations
  • Three peaks above treeline: Abraham, Camel’s Hump and Mt. Mansfield (VT high point)
  • Start here:  Green Mountain Club
          Phone: 802-244-7037
          Members get discounts on guidebooks, maps, such as:

The Long Trail Guide -- official guide, updated annually. Detailed maps, trail descriptions, broken into 12 Divisions, mileage charts, elevation profiles, shelters, water sources.  Good for planning, too large to carry. $18.95

Long Trail End-to-Ender's Guide -- supplement to the Long Trail Guide includes up-to-date information on trail conditions, overnight accommodations, equipment sales and repairs, mail drops, and transportation along the Long Trail.  Slim, light to carry, town details. $8.95

Long Trail Map—fold-up, semi-waterproof -- $9.95


Many possibilities – One sked: Manchester Center - 58.5 miles, Full service grocery, restaurants, laundry, and outfitter. The Inn at Long Trail - 108 miles, laundry and restaurant at Inn, hourly bus shuttle outside front door to Rutland for full services; US 2 to Richmond - 188.6 miles, small laundry, small grocery, convenience store, several small restaurants, B and B.

We shipped to Stratton, Inn at Long Trail, VT 2/Jonesville PO (on LT) and VT 15/Awesome View Hiker’s Hostel/Johnson. Other FAQ: Green Mountain Club


  • MA/VT state line
  • VT 9/Bennington 5.1 mi west
  • Stratton Mt
  • VT 11/13 - Manchester Center 5.5 mi west
  • Bromley Mt.
  • VT 103 - Whistlestop restaurant,Clarendon Gorge
  •  Killington Peak
  • U.S 4, Inn at Long Trail, Rutland9.3 mi west (bus service)
  • VT 73 (Brandon Gap)
  • Vt. 125 - Middlebury Gap

  • Halfway point

  • Lincoln-Warren Highway (Lincoln Gap)
  • Mount Abraham
  • Rt. 17 (Appalachian Gap) 4 mi east is Hydeaway Inn
  • Camel's Hump (4,083 ft. elevation)
  • US2/Jonesville (town right on Long Trail)
  • Mount Mansfield (4,395 ft. elevation - VT high point)
  • 200-mile mark NOBO
  • VT 108 (Smuggler's Notch)
  • VT 15/ Long Trail Tavern/Awesome View Hiker's Hostel
  • Devil's Gulch, a "fern-filled defile"
  • VT 242 (Jay Pass)
  • Jay Peak
  • Canadian border/ obelisk