Lenegrin: Reviews


"This is a gripping fantasy that draws heart and mind through myriad worlds connected by a single truth.

"Ashar suddenly awakens in a strange world in a state of amnesia and confusion. With no personal identity or memories to protect him from his circumstances, he can only draw upon his inner character to deal with an escalating and dangerous series of events. Finally, he must kill a deadly Dreug to save a woman's life. For that act, he is taken and protected by the inhabitants of a mythical kingdom whose roots go far beyond the material world.

"Little by little, Ashar learns to trust his own intuition and discernment to guide him through perilous situations and encounters with lairds, princes, thieves, and murderers. Eventually, a sacred text provides the key to Ashar's true identity, which includes his beloved Lianna.

"Packed with mind-bending mystery, Scott's adventurous story marks him as a gifted storyteller."

-NAPRA ReView, May|June 2002


"Jonathan D. Scott has written a spiritual quest in the fantasy genre with a hero everyone can relate to. The archetype of the true hero involves orphaning, abandonment, renaming, and the experience of great personal loss on the journey to spiritual awareness. Scott's hero awakens in a forest completely unaware of his identity, his home, his purpose. He is given the name Ashar and thrust onto the warrior's path by a rather nefarious savior and left with a community of Kehl.

"The Kehl are so cloistered from the outside world that Ashar believes them to be naïve and ignorant of how to protect themselves from the Dreug warriors busy plundering the land for riches. Ashar struggles mightily against the chaos of his experiences with the unknown, seeks a spiritual master in every corner, falls in love with the seemingly unattainable maiden, faces those who would undermine truth, and searches for the only thing that rings with any sense of familiarity -- Lenegrin.

"As Ashar surrenders the struggle, his sense of disconnectedness fades and the great Dreug warrior Marlaw no longer holds the power to control him. Ashar finally knows what the master Aquellan tried to teach him all along – "That which can be taken from you is not essential. If something vitally important seems to have been taken from you, it is merely lost within yourself."

"Scott has created a compelling adventure that transports us to another time in search of the bliss of discovering a higher purpose, a meaningful destiny, and the nature of real love."

-Innerchange Magazine, June|July 2002


"I was completely hooked by the first page of Lenegrin, and I couldn't put it down. It left me with magical images of great forests, rugged mountains, and the thrill of a heroic quest. When you need a break from the mundane, go to Lenegrin, for adventure and wisdom await you there."

-Tom Thompson, The Awakened Heart Center, North Carolina