Author: Jonathan D. Scott

Genre: Young Adult / Fantasy


Format: Paper

Size: 5.5 in. x 8.5 in.

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Place thy head upon my breast
And bid thy moving spirit rest.
Leave behind who thou hast been.
Return, My Soul, to Lenegrin.

For the time being, Ashar is safe in the hidden home of the Kehl, a legendary people who harbor a ten-thousand-year-old secret. It’s a Kehl maiden, Lianna, who translates the arcane book that was given to him by a dying stranger.

As the book reveals its secrets, Ashar and Lianna find themselves drawing closer together into a relationship with a destiny neither of them can predict.

In Ashar’s possession is a mysterious seven-sided jewel that is reputed to give its owner unimaginable power, but by the time he can discover its true purpose, it will already be in the hands of his barbaric enemies.

The chaos of his new life and his agonizing loneliness will someday come into meaningful focus for Ashar. The picture that will emerge will be compelling and empowering. But the man without a past will be forced to wonder if he has found himself in time.

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