Yasmine and the Million Dollar Jacket

Author: Terry Baldwin

Genre: Middle Grade Contemporary Fiction

Lexile Measurement 670L

ISBN: ISBN 978-0-9716611-4-1

Format: Kindle and Paperback

189 pages

Size: 5 in. x 8 in.

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Yasmine’s lost a lot in her twelve-year-old life. She lost her mother, her nice house, her old friends, and the pretty jacket her mother left her. Yasmine can’t get back her mother, her house, or her friends. But there’s one thing she must get back―the jacket. It's worth a million dollars if she can find it in time.

Along the way Yasmine has to break some rules, and she'll soon have to pay the price. But during her desperate search, Yasmine discovers a different kind of treasure. She learns about her family's history, the sacrifices of the people who came before her, and the true value of what she still has.

Yasmine and the Million Dollar Jacket is a story designed to engage young readers while giving them a lesson in what it means to be a contemporary African-American girl on the verge of the teen years.

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